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Many people are drawn into the home based industry by the promise of wealth. However many job seekers have a tough time finding a right opportunity. The main problem with the internet is that most people do not know the difference between a business & a job. Most people feel that just because a business is on the internet that it should be free to join or start up. Well anything with the word business in it means just that.Most work at home businesses are geared around direct selling companies who market their products through independent distributors. There is generally a start up fee or a position to purchase in order to be able to sell products & earn income.Work at home jobs on the other hand are free to join & offer work in data entry, assembly & receptionist positions. Work at home jobs unfortunately do not pay very much because the companies that offer them are looking to save money by not hiring employees; they are looking for ways to cut corners in order to turn over more profit.Here are the aspects of a work at home business:1. Costs money to get up & running.
2. Independent distributorship.
3. Responsible for paying your own income tax (this is actually good news because you can write off your expenses allowing you to pay less income taxes).
4. Larger Income Bracket.
5. Larger risk but bigger rewards.
6. Potential to replace your income.
7. Passive Income.Here are the aspects of a work at home job:1. Free to join but hard to find.
2. Freelance worker.
3. Responsible for paying your own income tax.
4. Smaller Income Bracket.
5. Smaller risks but a lot less income.If you are looking for a business that will allow you to find financial & time freedom then a work at home business may be better suited for you. However if your fear of losing money is much greater than your desire to make money then a part time job may be better suited for you.There are hundreds of opportunities on the net today but only a few evolutions in history where so many people are making so much so fast.If you have a true desire to find financial freedom in the work at home business industry then here are a few things to look for in a company:1. Good Comp Plan
2. Good Products
3. Good Training
4. Money Up Front
5. No Passing Up SalesGood Comp Plan:Find a company that has a powerful compensation that highly rewards the marketer (you) for their efforts. Stay away from nickel & dime opportunities because it takes the same effort to make $50 than it does to make $1,000.Good Products:Find a company that offers products that people can use in this day & age. Most of the world is suffering from economic problems so a business that offers wealth education would be an asset.Good Training:Find a work at home business that offers training 5 days per week & recorded online training 24/7/365 for the times that you can not attend a live session. Live training is offered through the phone mostly during the evening hours.Money up Front:Make sure that you get your own online payment processor that allows you to collect money upfront from credit & debit cards. Make sure that you get paid before the company.No Passing up Sales:Make sure that you are in a money making position from day one. Look for a work at home business that doesn’t require you to pass up any training sales to your sponsor.If you have a burning desire to become successful in this work at home industry then you must think like an Entrepreneur if you aren’t thinking at that level yet.Entrepreneurs focus on prosperity instead of lack. Entrepreneur means to be a risk taking person. If you still have a job then you are working for an Entrepreneur.Here are a few statistics from this industry:o Every week over 1 Million people search for a business online
o 75,000 new people subscribe to the Internet daily
o 100,000 new web sites are built daily
o 125,000 people start a home business daily
o 33 Percent of all new millionaires achieve it through a home based business

Work From Home Employment Opportunities Exposed – Home industry

Deciding to work from home is an easy decision for most people. Given the current state of our economy and the job market there are a lot of people looking for work from home employment opportunities. However, most people do not have the knowledge or skill set to have success in this demanding but rewarding industry.In the next few minutes I will discuss three simple steps, which are used by the elite, that will bring you success in a work from home employment setting. Most home businesses are network marketing or MLM opportunities. There are hundreds of companies from MaryKay to Amway to MonaVie. Almost every company out there is legit and will pay you for the efforts you put in towards building the business.The basic requirements for most network marketing or MLM companies are to sell the product/service and recruit others to do the same. Doing this correctly can create a snowball affect where you can sponsor hundreds of recruits and earn residual commissions on thousands of customers within your downline.This brings up the first step to creating a six and seven figure income with any work from home employment opportunity. Its simple really….you must build a list. Building a list will create an endless supply of prospects to you that will fuel your business. Without a fresh supply of leads your business will not and cannot grow.The second step is to to market to this list. If you want to make any sales or recruit others you must constantly communicate with your list in an effective manner. Traditionally, network marketers utilize phone skills to communicate with their prospects. However, new methods are being developed online that take advantage of email marketing technologies that automate this step. Using the internet to keep in contact and market to your prospects is a great tool to learn and use. There are many work from home employment opportunities but all require this step if you want to succeed.Finally, the last step practiced by the elite and top income earners in the industry is leadership. Being a leader is not easy. You must develop into someone that people look up to and will follow. The use of self-improvement books and educational material is a must. If you asked anyone in the work from home employment industry that makes over six figures they will all tell you that reading is a MUST. Reading leadership and personal development books will become self evident to anyone that you come in contact with. This is the hardest, but most rewarding step in the process to becoming a six or seven figure income earner in the work from home industry.